Here’s a List of Bad Habits That are Draining Your Energy Catch Yourself So You Don't Keep Wasting Valuable Energy

In a constantly moving society, we are always looking for new ways to get our energy to do the things we want to do – like exercise, do those little tasks you’ve been putting aside for so long or just read a book. Here’s a list of some bad habits you can cut from your life and get more energy.

1. You’re not eating greens or fruits

(insert/write about) people not eating enough greens, no time to chew vegetables, etc.
Talk about juicing as a great way to get juice.

2. All night studying

Getting ready for a big test or exam? While putting in the hours is necessary and the odd all-nighter will not drain too much of your energy, if it becomes too frequent, you’ll end up going through the day exhausted and sluggish. Create a more productive schedule and try studying during the day.

3.    Technology addiction

If you can’t let go of your phone, tablet or laptop, this can drain your energy. Even if you’re in bed with the lights off, your device’s bright screen will keep your mind stimulated and keep you awake. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’ll most likely feel tired during the day.

4. Not drinking enough water

If you replace drinking water with soft drinks, juices or energy drinks your body will increasingly become dehydrated.This reduces blood volume, making the blood thicker and oxygen reaches organs and muscles slower, as a result.

5. Inactivity

If you don’t exercise enough, you’ll feel more tired, in comparison to someone who works out a few times a week. Physical activity releases endorphins that help you feel alert and give you an energy kick. Energy out, energy in!

6. Skipping meals

You might think this is an effective way to drop unwanted pounds; on the contrary, skipping meals during the day –especially breakfast – will cause your blood sugar to drop, and leave you irritable and lacking energy.

7. Being a ‘Yes Woman’

Are you trying to be everything to everyone? Taking care of everyone – friends, family, colleagues, etc. – except yourself? You will wear yourself out in the process. Learn to say no when necessary.

8. Worry Wart Syndrome

Constantly being worried about your career, future, children, etc. may have an effect on your health – and not a good one. You’re more likely to suffer from insomnia or loss of appetite, which will decrease energy levels.
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