30 Natural Hair Business Ideas for Hairtrepreneurs

Depending on your skill set and experience, you can set up your own company in the fast-growing natural hair industry. Below are 30 profitable business ideas that you can look into.

1. Develop and Sell Organic Hair Care Products

The increase of natural hair awareness has resulted in a high demand for natural organic products.  If you are incorporating Do-it-yourself(DIY) in your regimen and you love the results, consider starting a business where you can sell these natural products such as shampoos and conditioners, leave-in conditioners, creams, hair growth oils made with 100 percent natural raw materials.

2. T-shirt Designer

You can build a business selling high-quality natural hair meme-inspired t-shirts that you’ve designed by using a website like Tee Spring Teespring.comif you don’t want to carry inventories.

Check out this t-shirt Born Kinky Deal With it designed by the AfricansGoneNatural team. Many times people have stopped me to read the writing every time I wear this tee-shirt.  You can hire a t-shirt company in China using Alibaba to design and make T-Shirts. You can sell these t-shirts on your blog or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Natural Hair Event Production Company

Plan and host natural hair events

Examples:  Bella Kinks, Bella Kinks is an event production company, CEO, Julian Addo proudly host the Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo

4. Online Blogger

Create your own blog and start sharing your natural hair journey, hair tips and tricks. You could make money from advertisers, sponsored posts or info products. Help boost the brand’s online presence on platforms like website ads, social media, email campaigns, and promoted posts. You can learn from natural hair bloggers like Ijeoma Kola (KlassyKinks). She uses her platform to document her journey to maintain her thick, kinky textured hair, health, beauty and education for a black female audience. Check out how Klassy Kinks 2016 Blog and Income report.  To be successful as a blogger, you have to uniquely position yourself to stand out.

5. Website Designer

Set up a web design business and work with natural hair clients to build custom websites or by selling website themes to them.  Include SEO Consultancy service to help businesses build websites that are optimized for search engines, audits websites and suggest ways to improve ranking in search engines which will drastically increase website traffic.

6. Natural Hair Author

Create a natural hair e-book or write a book about natural hair. Check out some natural hair book on the market now.

  1. The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair
  2. 25 Tips to Grow Black Hair (QuickTips Series)
  3. Ultra Black Hair Growth II 2000 Edition
  4. Grow It: How to Grow Afro-Textured Hair to Maximum Lengths in the Shortest Time
  5. The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments of Black Hair Care
  6. Thank God I’m Natural –The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair
  7. If You Love It, It Will GrowA Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Natural Hair
  8. Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America (Second Edition, Revised and Updated)
  9. Better Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair!
  10. The Science of Transitioning: A Complete Guide to Hair Care for Transitioners and New Natural
  11. Grow it Kinky: How to Grow Long Kinky Textured Natural Hair

7. Graphic designer

Websites and online advertising need graphic design services. Become a natural hair graphic designer and create amazing natural hair graphics for natural hair brands and bloggers.

8. Natural hair Woman Accountant (Natural Hair Bookkeeper)

Provide bookkeeping services to women entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

9. Natural Hair Extension company

There is definitely a market of hair extension since most naturals wear wigs and weave when looking for a protective style option or when they want to switch up their looks. Making and selling customized natural-looking wigs is one of the most trending and profitable business ideas in the natural hair industry.  You can also specialize in creating natural hair wig for cancer patients. Dianne, a cancer survivor, spoke about how it took her several weeks to find an afro-kinky wig that fits perfect during her chemo hair loss journey.

Check out some top natural hair extension companies

  1. Heat Free Hair
  2. Haute Kinky Hair
  3. Curlkalon Hair Collection
  4. Private Stock Hair
  5. Runway Curls
  6. CurlSistas Hair
  7. My Natural Hair Extensions
  8. Big Chop Hair
  9. BellaKurls
  10. ONYC

10. Invent Natural Hair Tools

A lot of women still struggle with caring for their natural hair. Invent a tool that can help with natural hair problems like;

  1. Dryness
  2. Tangling
  3. Defining and creating curls
  4. Twisting

11. Design Natural Hair Accessories

Naturals use accessories to bring more fun and styles in styling their hair.  Creating accessories that are classy and yet still hold the hair in place will sell in the natural hair community and even beyond. Check out Loza Tam. Loza Tam products are created for natural hair girls looking to disguise a bad hair day, dress up a basic pony, or look cute while sweating it out at the gym, all while protecting your hair. All products are handmade in Ghana by women entrepreneurs. https://lozatam.com/how-to-wear/


12. Develop a Natural Hair App

If you are technology savvy, you can design apps for natural hair businesses or you can also create your own apps to sell. Develop an app that can provide the following services

  1. Tricks and tips for growing hair,
  2. Sharing DIY video
  3. Sharing hairstyles
  4. Buy and sell a product directly on the app
  5. Help create regimen
  6. Create hair journal /calendar and more

13. Natural Product Affiliate Marketing

Create a website, review and promote a product that you feel has value and earn an income from it as an affiliate marketer.  “Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.” Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

14. Natural Beauty Retail Store (physical)

Open a beauty store that only sells natural organic products, products such as skincare, haircare, personal care, essential oils, aromatherapy products, etc

15. Online natural hair store

Start an online store that sells a product made with organic ingredients.

16. Start a Natural Hair Beauty School

Open a beauty school that specializes in natural hair care only. Check out EV E R E T T E ‘ S Natural Hair & Beauty School

17. Natural salons

Start a hair salon business that specializes in natural hair care and bridal hairstyling services. You can also start a mobile salon where you visit the client’s location. This is a great idea for busy moms or naturalized in hospitals and nursing homes who need help caring for their manes.

18. Kid Salon

Start a training clinic for natural hair moms who are having difficulty taking care of their kid manes. The salon can also specialize in caring for toddlers and kids’ hair for busy moms.

19. Natural Product Development Company.

Start a Natural Product Development business that specializes in developing quality and innovative hair and skin products. Check out how Erica Douglas is known as “Sister Scientist” helps small businesses enter the beauty industry by helping them develop and market beauty-related products.

20. Video Producer

Online video is a huge growing trend. You can build a business by producing your own videos and earning a share of ad revenue on YouTube or even work with other clients to help them create commercials, training videos, interviews, documentaries, fundraising videos and promo videos that showcase the client’s brand.


21. Photographer

You can start a Photography business that specializes in the hair and beauty industry. You could take photos of natural hair models and events; Travel to different cities, states, and countries to work with different clients.


22. Natural Hair Beauty Consultant

For an entrepreneur with lots of business knowledge and experience in the beauty industry, you can offer your services as a consultant.


23. Social Media Consultant

As a social media consultant, you can teach brands how to use social media marketing techniques to raise brand awareness and direct traffic to a brand’s website.


24. Virtual assistant

Start a virtual assistant business assisting entrepreneurs in their business by offering services like administration, marketing, bookkeeping, social media, etc.

25. Natural Hair TV Production

Start a TV show centered on natural hair care. It can include hair care regimen, sharing tips and tricks, do-to-yourself video, conducting interviews, carrying out case studies and reviewing natural products.

26. Natural Hair Magazine Publishing Business

Start publishing natural hair inclined magazine.

27. Afrocentric Fashion Line

Set up an Afrocentric fashion line business. With more and more women accepting and embracing their natural look, a lot of them are matching their natural hair with Afrocentric dress and accessories. The African fashion industry is growing as more people are patronizing African fashion.  African designers are bringing modernity, quality and also making African fashion globally available. For example, Dashiki and Ankara the most popular African clothes have been on high demand in the natural hair industry.

28. Create Natural Hair Dolls

More and more parents are not relaxing their daughters’ hair anymore and are teaching their daughters to look at and embrace their natural beauty.  There are markets for natural hair dolls since parents are looking to buy dolls that their daughters can relate to.  If you are creative and have a passion for creating dolls this is definitely a business you can look into.

29. Produce Natural Skincare Products

Naturalistas these days do not only care about what they put on their hair but also what they put on their skin. They are carefully reading product labels and are definitely looking for natural skincare products.

30. Become Wellpreneur for Naturalistas

With more and more black women embrace their natural hair, they are also embracing their beauty inside and out and adopting a healthy lifestyle. You can start a successful wellness business for naturalistas with ideas like health coaches, personal trainers, fitness authors, Holistic Health Counselor, Personal Health and Fitness apps, and natural skincare brands.

Which of these amazing ideas which one will you love to start up with? Tell us in the comments!


Cynthia Amo is the co-founder and CEO at AfricansGoneNatural, LLC a social media company that empowers women to embrace their God-given natural hair.  AfricansGoneNatural also specializes in supplying high quality fair trade, unrefined and grade A natural products from Africa to companies around the world. She has worked as an Auditor in the Financial Service industry for eight years for Big 4 Accounting firms like PriceWaterhouseCooper and Rothstein Kass (KPMG), and is currently working at BNP Paribas the se cond largest bank in the world. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and empowering women

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