Green Brunch Planting Seeds In The Kitchen Like A Boss

So you want to plant seeds in the kitchen like a boss? Creating a Vegan Brunch or an eco-friendly menu for morning munchies isn’t as tough as you think. Why? Because we got you covered (in pancake powders and organic strawberries…and…. you get the point).

We believe that the most critical consideration for having a “green brunch,” is the ability to use every ingredient fully (including scraps or waste). If you’re juicing carrots, then don’t forget to use the scraps (fiber), by creating a carrot cake or use as a garnish.

Anyways, from using eco-friendly utensils to using fresh organic products,  below are three (3) items you need to help you prepare a green brunch in no time!



1. Pancake Mix



2. Bamboo Cutting Board



3. Organic Lemons and Beets


For your cocktail! You didn’t think we’d have you walk away without a cocktail to include on your menu? An organic cocktail that is…..

A nod to the Kir Royal,  the Beets Royale by Aaron Ranf of Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon includes the following ingredients:  beet juice, prosecco, lemon juice,  and gin.

You can find the recipe here. 


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