Econistas: Aww! ZARA Eco Toddler Collection Made Us Coo Zara has us going gaga over their toddler eco fashions

Wait — that noise you expect from your little one is actually coming from you. The incredible sound you just shared with the tyke is a warm and cozy coo! Zara made you do it.

Zara just created their collection Join Life Collection which is eco-friendly and some of the most comfortable fabrics you can find. Your baby will love to play all day with these adorable pieces that are not only soft but also created from naturally farmed cotton that is not genetically modified and is friendly to the water and soil. This is an important benefit as it will keep our natural resources safe for our future generation of econistas.

Check out these cuties that made us feel butterflies in our tummy as they rocked out in some of our favorite looks. These looks made our list because they can be worn for a fun day at the playground or dining out with the family:

How adorable is this yellow jumper for the summer? When it’s a little cool outside, pair it with a white tee and the style is warm and super neat.

This cutesy halter dress is perfect for walks on the beach and fun days in the sun. We love the color because it goes with almost anything. Pair it with a pair of sandals and this outfit is more than you can handle.

Polka dots and tots go hand-in-hand when she’s up to her toddler antics. We love it for Sunday school or a play date with the girls. Add a pair of leggings and a pair of Zara sneakers, and she can conquer the playground like a modern-day supergirl!

Toddlers will be all the trend when they look this fashionable in these affordable styles! See more what Zara has in store. You’ll find these eco-friendly clothes for your infant to your little tyke:

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