‘Essential’ Oils For Natural Hair & Skin Routines

Essential oils are the beauty products I look forward to after a good ole’ shower.

FRESH from a 1-hour bubble bath, and 10 minute rinse-off,  I slathered almond oil (slightly mixed with lavender oil)  on my skin, the one bottled in a  clear cylinder container by Now Foods ( Now Foods Almond Oil 16oz (2-pack) Total 32oz.  ). I hummed to myself, feeling absolutely ah-mazing.

And then, I thought to myself, who would have known that one could create their own home-made skin and hair care product, by using an essential oil?

I marveled at how my skin immediately glistened at the slightest drop of almond oil. Plus, adding lavender not only smelled great, but relaxed my shot nerves (New York taxi cabs, client project  deadline  and random people yelling in the city had me on edge these days).

As someone who deals with dry skin and hair, it’s essential to use oils that retain moisture as much as possible.

I didn’t skip a beat, quickly moving to cabinet I scrambled around a bit for miniature bottles of essential oils.

Eucalyptus….Ro—zzz—-mary  …I softly mumbled to myself.

I continued rummaging around the cabinet, collecting every oil and product I’d needed to hold the water captive to my strands.   I had little time to ‘f’ around, so I decided to throw the shower cap onto my head and proceed to my oil sealing methods.

It can be difficult trying to figure out which natural oils to use for your scalp, hair and skin. The good news is that natural oils are relatively easy to find and – as oppose to store-bought hair products- lack chemicals. Once you’ve gathered all of the natural and essential oils listed, find out which one works for your hair and skin the best.

For your hair, for example, the trick is ensuring that you find the perfect balance between protein and moisture.   For your scalp, finding the oils that destroy bacteria, stimulate blood flow, and provide you the right balance of moisture is key. 

Here are natural oils to add to your hair and skin (beauty routine), in addition to their benefits:



As a rule of thumb, you should add 6 drops of essential oil to every single fluid ounce of protein base (carrier) oils. Also, warm up your oils (testing with the back of your hand, before pouring oil to your scalp to prevent burn).  Your hair should be wet with warm water, to soften the follicles and get it ready for absorption (pre-shampoo phase).

If you’re fighting skin conditions such as dry scalp, eczema, or dandruff be sure to include the use of apple cider vinegar, which is powerful for destroying the fungus that causes dandruff and flakes.



I recommend using what I call a “mister” (an aerosol spray bottle ) Groom Industries Solvent Free Sprayer, Flairosol versus a traditional spray bottle.  It sends water to your strands in mist form without using solvents or pressurized gasses. Not only does it keep you from being drenched at the end of your hair or beauty routine, it triples it’s usefulness since you can use it for gardening and skin dampening.


It’s essential to begin any beauty routine with moisture. Water, in the purest (filtered) form is the best form of moisture to add to your skin and hair, before using oils. Oils do not provide moisture, but lock in the moisture and provide nourishment to your hair. Below is a break down of oil types you should use to seal moisture. Create the proper oil mixture that works for you. Each time you create a concoction, observe your hair and  concoction that’s right for your concoction should have an oil from each oil type ( carrier / protein base and essential oil) listed below :

CARRIER OILS for Essential Oils

Protein-Base Oil:

Much like your skin, protein helps reconstruct and strengthen your hair and skin. Many protein base oils are also carrier oils. A carrier oil is used to dilute an essential oil with the purpose of carrying the essential oil into the hair or skin.

Jojoba Oil ( A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend NOW Organic Jojoba Oil,8-Ounce . A natural oil that promotes and mirrors a natural oil that comes from your scalp- sebum.  It not only promotes natural oil production, but also helps combat scalp infections and keeps your scalp clean.

Castor Oil ( A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend NOW Castor Oil, 16-Ounce . Hair strengthening, antifungal and antibacterial oil that minimizes frizz by sustaining the keratin in your hair. It’s perfect for thinning edges, as it prevents hair loss and/or thinning.

Aloe Vera  ( A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend 8 oz Premium Organic Aloe Vera Oil Pure Health Hair Skin Care Moisturizing Aloe vera not only shines and smoothes the hair, it contains enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp. It’s also a power condition that provides nourishment to your hair while promoting growth. For an inflamed scalp is provides soothing relieve (place in a refrigerator for an extreme cooling relief).


Olive Oil ( A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend Nature’s Absolutes Olive Oil – 6.8Oz/200 ml, 100 % Pure , Cold Pressed & Organic For Hair and Skin Immediately thought of for cooking (perhaps your favorite Italian dish),  this liquid fat that turns steel or wool feeling hair into soft manageable locks. It has moisturizing properties that provide healthy and shiny hair. It also relieves dry scalp and helps to eliminate dandruff. Heat it up in a pan – no, not for cooking- and add it to your conditioner (or use it as your condition). It can also be used as a finishing product for hairstyles and a perfect aftershave moisturizer.

Carrot Oil ( A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend Carrot Seed Oil Now Foods 1 fl oz Oil Scientific studies have shown that carrot oil has anti-cancerous properties, that particular battle cancers which affect the kidneys, mouth, and stomach. That’s great news for ingestion purposes (think: bettering your skin and hair from the inside out).  The antifungal, nature of carrot oil also helps keep the scalp clean; strengthens the hair-roots all while stimulating hair growth. And it’s super combative against environmental induced damages such as harsh sunlight and pollutions.

Tip: As part of your pre-shampoo regimen,  cut up 2 pieces of carrots, use a blender to create a smoothie like consistency, and add some olive oil. Heat up the concoction, place throughout your hair. Place a cap over your head for 30 minutes. Proceed with washing your hair.

Argon Oil (A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend NOW Organic Argan Oil, 4-Ounce . Compliments of Morocco, everyone around the world enjoys this oil. It’s known for minimizing inflammation while moisturizing the skin. It’s nongreasy consistency, makes it perfect as a light-weight oil for your hair, repairing split ends and deeply conditions the hair and scalp.

Avocado Oil (A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend NOW Avocado Oil, 16-Ounce . Although, it doesn’t have a significant amount of protein, as like the other oils on this protein base list.   The oil consists of fatty acids, higher than olive oil and most of those on this list. If you have dry and damaged hair, or hair (and skin) that is weak due to poor nutrition, this oil is for you.

Massage this oil into your scalp to stimulate floor flow to promote nutrients throughout your hair, thus triggering new growth and healthier hair.

Coconut Oil (A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend NOW Liquid Coconut Oil, 16-Ounce. Unrefined or virgin coconut oil is what we recommend and use. Refined oils may be removed of nutrients which would make the use of the oil pointless.   The benefits of virgin coconut oil are moisture retention, elimination of dry scalp, split-end reduction, and hair loss prevention. 

Sunflower Oil (A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend Sunflower Body Oil – 8oz -100% Pure & Natural – For Body & Hair! . Acts a non-polar solvent that prevents water loss (the same as jojoba oil).  It also eliminates frizz and strengthens hair shafts.

Grapeseed Oil (A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend NOW Grape Seed Oil, 16-Ounce . Infused with vitamin E. And much like sunflower oil, it’s lightweight consistency nourishes the scalp as well as seals in moisture

Shea Oil / Butter (A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend NOW Shea Nut Oil, 16-Ounce. Shea products are overall, great for the skin and hair. It’s fatty acids, contribute to its thick consistency which can be used as a layer of protection. If you’re someone that is outside in the cold a lot or perhaps places your hair in extraneous conditions such as swimming (chlorine, ahhck!) then Shea based products are the best for your hair.  But be wary of using to much (without a cleansing regimen), as it can cause build up.

If you’re using steal oil or butter as a sealant,  it’s important to use the product after you’ve wet (soaked) your hair and added essential nutrients/products to your hair. Because once you’ve slathered Shea oil and butter all over your strands,  it will be difficult for anything to penetrate it for 4-7 business days.

Almond Oil (Use As An Essential Oil Carrier)

We recommend using Now Foods Almond Oil 16oz (2-pack) Total 32oz.  Almond Oil is known as the optimal base oil for treating hair loss and thinning , it promotes shiny hair and minimizes split ends by keeping hair moisturized for longer periods of time.

Black Seed Oil (A carrier oil for Essential Oils)

We recommend Zongle USDA Certified Organic Black Seed Oil, Unrefined Virgin, Cold Pressed, Nigella sativa, 4 oz . Dryness, thinning hair, and inflamed scalps are all enemies of hair growth. Black See Oil combats these things. Its antioxidant properties encourage hair growth, and its fatty acids promote follicle production.


(always use with a carrier oil– pick one from above)

Rosemary Essential Oil 

We recommend NOW – Rosemary Oil, 1-Ounce . Rosemary, isn’t just an herb simply limited to the kitchen. Gently finger massage this oil into your scalp, right after your shower, or mix it into one of the protein-base (carrier oils) as mentioned above, and use as a hot oil treatment on your scalp. It not only minimizes gray hair, but fights against baldness, and attacks dandruff.


Tea Tree Essential Oil

We recommend Now Foods: Tea Tree Oil, 4 oz. One of the most infection-fighting oils I’ve used, tea tree oil fights fungal infections of the nail, remedies athlete’s foot, and fungal infections such as ringworms.

In the removal of dandruff and treatment of lice, it’s the go-to oil. Add drops to your shampoo, and mix with aloe vera gel, and other essential oils like lavender oil, to make a homemade tea.

Lavender Essential Oil 

We recommend NOW Solutions Lavender Essential Oil, Floral , 4-Ounce. Lavender is a highly effective oil with a soothing scent (think aromatherapy) and is known for combating hair pests such as nits, lice, and their eggs. It increases blood circulation- perfect for both skin and hair.  It’s antibacterial nature, is ideal to use for acne prone skin.

Peppermint  Essential Oil

We recommend NOW Peppermint Essential Oil, 4-Ounce. Another hair growth stimulator here. It increases blood circulation to the scalp and fights lice. For skin, Peppermint oil can assist in oil secretion in the skin, which can prevent acne.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

We recommend NOW Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 4-Ounce. Some drops of this to carrier oils like coconut nourish the hair. Hair follicles practically dance when adding to your scalp. That tingling sensation you’re feeling is blood vessels being stimulated (constricting), and triggering blood flow from your scalp to the root of your hair.

Thyme Essential Oil

We recommend Now Foods White Thyme Oil – 1 oz. 2 Pack Not only is thyme oil a skin softener but a hair softener. Again, here is an essential oil that increases blow flow to the scalp and replenishes hair follicles thus contributing to hair growth. Always blend with a carrier oil and/or place in your shampoo and conditioner.

Sage Essential Oil

We recommend NOW Sage Oil, 1-Ounce. Increasing cellular activity is Sage essential oil’s modus operandi. Sharing the same properties as Rosemary oil.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

We recommend Now Foods Lemongrass Oil, 4 Ounce. Fighting dandruff with this essential oil (mixed with coconut or olive oil as the essential oil carrier), just became a breeze.


Cedarwood Essential Oil  

We recommend Now Foods Cedarwood Oil 1 ounce (Pack of 2). Cedarwood is antifungal and antibacterial in nature, and also promotes blood circulation. The benefits of which minimizes dry scalp prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth




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