20 Naturalistas Rocking Curly Hair On Instagram #TheShrinkageIsReal

“Her hair was long, and now its short. She said, ‘I got it cut,’ but I don’t see no hair upon the floor.”– Alexander O’Neal “Fake”

The hashtag #ShrinkageIsReal has been trending on Instagram, and for a very good reason. When it comes to tight curly hair it can have the appearance of short or cut, but honey, let’s be clear: when the curls are pulled down or the hair is straightened, we see that women and men have tresses almost as long as Rapunzel. Okay, we may be exaggerating a little, but men and women alike have been showing off the length difference of their hair in its un-manipulated natural state versus their hair straightened or elongated for the desired length and the results are astounding.

The beautiful shrunken manes we found on Instagram proves that looks can be very deceiving. When you care for your hair like you care for a plant, your hair will grow and grow.

See the 20 Naturalistas on Instagram embracing their #Shrinkage.


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What do you think about these Naturalista’s hair? Check out the many beauties on your own at #theshrinkageisreal


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