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Health Hair Habits To Subscribe To

1. Restorative Shampoo

It works with your hair’s natural oils to keep it glowing with health. The restorative shampoo also helps to prevent breakage and unwanted split ends!

2. Restorative Conditioner (Surely, you saw that coming…)

After using the shampoo, you want a good conditioner to finish off! Consider conditioner which contains raw shea butter, as it tackles dry and damaged hair.

3. Leave-in conditioner

What’s all the fuss about? Leave-in conditioner helps keep your hair soft, protected and strong!

4. Argan Oil

You probably know a few people who are Argan oil devotees. It’s for a good reason; it’s known to repair and restore damaged hair.

5. Deep Conditioner

Don’t compromise on a good deep conditioner! It’s a great way to give your hair a healthy boost and restore life unto dry and dull-looking hair. Use it once a week, and you’ll feel the difference in your softer and smoother hair.

6. Hair turban

While most of us use the good old towel after a wash, it can actually cause damage to your hair. Swap your towel with a soft hair turban, which is very absorbent and will keep you from hurting your hair.

7. Heat protecting spray

Regularly using a curling iron or straighteners on your hair without protection can cause serious damage to it. Protect your hair before styling with a good-quality spray.

8. Split end treatment

Cutting off split ends is not the only way to protect your hair from them any more! Invest in products that help you pull your ends back together and bond them.

9. Damage-free blow dryer

If you regularly blow-dry your hair, try upgrading from a regular hair dryer to one of these, as it allows you to dry your hair fast without causing damage to it.

10. Hair hydration

It’s a product that helps to prevent breakage by keeping your hair hydrated. Added bonus: It will leave it looking shiny, smooth and bouncing with health!
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